Notable Adulterer Tiger Woods Donates To Notable Adulterer’s Charity


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Adulterer and former world number one golfer Tiger Woods gave between $25-50K to the Clinton Foundation in the first half of 2015, according to records.

Tiger Woods is one of over 10,000 individuals or organizations that donated money to the Clinton Foundation. The foundation has accelerated its fund-raising this year, according to officials. While Hillary Clinton is spending millions on the campaign trail as she gears up for her presidential run, Bill is sitting on a mountain of money, including Woods’, as his foundation decides where next to invest.

tiger woods

While the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation did not release specific amounts that an individual gave, it did post on its website a cumulative list of contributors, dating back to 2001. The highest tier of donors is $25m and up, dwarfing Woods’ contribution.

Woods and Bill Clinton are perhaps the most renowned philanderers in America, yet Woods seems to have come off worst. While the media continue to rip him to shreds, Clinton is adored by his fans and has won awards such as “father of the year”. Go figure.