Donald Trump Steals £5 From A Scottish Pensioner

Alan Marsh was delighted when the US tycoon signed his five pound note at Turnberry, but was left shocked when Trump sped off in his buggy clutching his other fiver.




66 year old Alan Marsh from Kilmarnock, headed to Turnberry golf resort to watch some first round action of the Women’s British Open, only to find that he couldn’t afford the entry fee.

Before he could leave, Marsh noticed the front gate opening and out emerged Donald Trump in his golf buggy. Being a fan of the tycoon Marsh approached the buggy and asked for an autograph.



Alan didn’t have any paper on him so drew out two of his new Clydesdale Bank fivers. Donald had never seen this type of not before and asked: ‘What is that, Big Al?’

Trump signed one of the notes and before Alan new what was happening:

“He took the other note and turned to the chap in the buggy and said, ‘We’ll have a pint with that later on. Cheers, big AL.’ Then he drove off”

Trump doesn’t do himself any favors to try and improve his public image…