Flashback – World Ice Golf Championships

Who remembers this crazy idea to play ice golf, held in Greenland six hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

The first World Ice Golf Championship was played in 1997 at Uummannaq, Greenland, where players had to cope with temperatures of  -50º C.


The real architects of the course are the ocean and the weather.   Golf's Frozen 4 | Winter Survival Guide


The tournament, designed on the icebergs of the fjord winter ice, is a 36 hole-stroke-play competition held over two days.



I guess the greens would be called whites?


The greens should really be called "whites."  Golf's Frozen 4 | Winter Survival Guide


Pretty chilly stuff ey?

Apparently this strange idea has actually been around longer than you would imagine. According to many historians, it is believed that golf was first played in Holland around the 14th century.

Wanting the game to be year round, the golfers played on the ice covered frozen canals in winter.








Unfortunately changes in the climate have caused the ice to become too thin in the area, and therefore the last Championship was played in 2006.

Maybe ice golf will return in the future…