Zach Johnson tries to be cool with corn eating Claret Jug photo

Zach Johnson is a great guy, but he’s not exactly Mr. Personality.

The 39-year-old captured the Claret Jug at St. Andrews last month, in one of the most exciting Open Championships in recent memory.

In an effort to show he’s ‘one of the guys,’ Johnson tweeted out a photo of himself over the weekend eating corn on the cob straight from his shiny new trophy. ICYMI, Johnson is from Iowa, where the “tall corn grows.”

Here’s the photo:

Johnson isn’t the only past British Open winner to celebrate with the Claret Jug in unusual fashion.

Just last year, a photo surfaced of Rory McIlroy (with his mom) pouring Jagermeister into the jug after winning the 2014 British Open, and just a couple of weeks ago we saw Jordan Spieth taking a swig out of Johnson’s newest prize on the flight back to the states.

Johnson’s effort is clearly a little bit lamer than McIlroy, but hey, at least he tried, right?