Why John Daly Would Make The Greatest U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Ever



Two-time major champion and hell-raiser John Daly thinks the U.S. Ryder Cup team get too “uptight” and insists he is the perfect guy to help them. 

While John Daly has never made a U.S. Ryder Cup team, he is dreaming big this week after speaking to reporters at the Paul Lawrie Match Play event on the European Tour.

According to the notorious drinker, womaniser and hell-raiser, the U.S. team has endured a miserable decade in the matches because of their inability to have fun.

“All I know is my team, if I was a captain, we’d have a blast. I’d make sure they had a blast. You don’t want to wear a tie, don’t wear a tie. Have fun. It’s supposed to be fun,” Daly said. 


When asked what his idea of fun meant, Daly wasn’t insinuating the team take drugs or booze well into the night. He believes that the U.S. team puts too much pressure on themselves and as a result, their players are incapable of performing at the highest standards compared to their European rivals.

“I think we just get wrapped up in it. I think when you’re favored to win so many years like the Americans have been, I think we get uptight. Even the matches that we are getting killed in, we are favored in.”

Daly’s assessment of Team USA’s issues hasn’t come out of nowhere. Having lost eight of the past ten Ryder Cup matches, it is widely believed that the atmosphere in the locker room is stifling and players do not enjoy the week. The U.S. team has evidently lacked chemistry in recent years. Some say this is a result of stale leaders such as Tom Watson, Davis Love III and Corey Pavin.

“I don’t know all the facts and everything that goes on behind the doors when the captain is talking and everything, but I sense it and it’s my opinion that the European guys get along better. When I see it on TV, it just looks like our guys are not having a good time.”

One thing is sure, John Daly would rock the s*** out of the Ryder Cup and inject the fun back into Team USA. I mean, it really can’t get any worse for them, can it? Can you imagine how entertaining the press conferences would be? I say yes, bring Big John Daly to the helm and let him lead Team USA to victory.


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