Bubba Watson’s Golf Cart Hovercraft

Who remembers this ridiculous invention? The BW1 Hovercraft came out in 2013 and we think the idea has probably run its course.

Really, what were they thinking with this contraption? Sure it looks cool, but I just don’t think there is a need for a hovercraft on a golf course. It looks impractical and is too big and annoyingly loud.

Coming in with a hefty price tag of $58,000, it was never going to be an easy sell. There was a story once of two being purchased in Windy Knoll Golf Club, Ohio.

But even the general manager of the course David Duffey said: “the hovercraft is too large to be useful” and the reason for buying them was “we were looking for a hook that might help people the notice the course and come out and play.”

Whilst this viral video, amounting over 8 million views, probably did a great job in promotion the partnership between the Oakley brand and Bubba Watson, I doubt we will be seeing the traditional golf cart getting replaced by a hovercraft anytime soon.