Sexy Spiranac Is Back Again With This Booty Shake

Paige Spiranac is storming the internet once again with her ridiculous looks and amazing golf skills.

This time she has been over exaggerating her pre-drive routine and lets be honest, no one is complaining.


Apparently I move my hips funny when I waggle. I have no idea what you are all talking about…

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Her cheeky attitude combined with her impressive golf skills (that flop shot was something else) has seen her mass a huge following on social media, she’s up to 232k followers on Instagram.

This rise to fame is no fluke, she is playing a clever game and we applaud her for that. She is using her looks and skill to gain a large following that will no doubt help her career down the line.

Reminds me of the surfer Anastasia Ashley who went from Zero to Hero after this twerking warm up routine.