Why You Shouldn’t Hate On Bubba Watson

Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson gets a fair amount of criticism from followers of the PGA Tour, whilst some of it may be justified, here is some new information that might make you think otherwise.

Bubba Watson became a household name when he came out of nowhere to win the Masters in 2012. The 36-year-old has played some excellent golf since then, but he has the habit of rubbing people up the wrong way.


(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


Watson’s caddie, Ted Scott, tried to explain some of the misconceptions about Bubba in a recent interview with Golf Digest. According to Scott, a lot of Watson’s issues stem from his battle with social anxiety.

This quote sums it up really…

“What I quickly found out was that Bubba was very uncomfortable in social situations. It’s difficult for him to make eye contact with people he doesn’t know. He told me he has a fear of crowds. And when we’re fearful, we do things we shouldn’t do. All the ignoring of people, the abrasiveness, the overreacting, the aggressive joking, were all defense mechanisms from being afraid of letting people know who you are.”

Who can remember this awkward moment.



So maybe the next time Bubba gives off a bad vibe,  have a think about this…