Tennis star Maria Sharapova picks up golf and looks great doing it

Tall. Blonde. Beautiful. Tennis star. Maria Sharapova seemingly has it all. Except she’s not the greatest golfer in the world, at least not yet.

Sharapova, the 28-year-old Russian beauty posted a photo of her first golf lesson on Twitter this week, and she appears to be a natural. Sharapova is a five-time major champion, and get this, a lefty! That backswing looks pretty good too.

In a few weeks, Sharapova will compete in the U.S. Open, which she’s won once, back in 2006.

So how serious is Sharapova about picking up golf in-between winning all sorts of tennis tournaments? Only time will tell, we guess. Apparently though, golf is all the rage among the top tennis players in the world. Nova Djokovic has the golf itch too, as witnessed by his recent social media posts about competing for Europe in the Ryder Cup. Seriously.

That tweet prompted European Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke to respond, who jokingly let ‘The Djoker’ know he’ll keep a close watch on him.

So hat’s next, Jordan Spieth at Wimbledon?