Oakley King Of Greens – Golf Tournament For Extreme Sports Athletes

Oakley King of Greens, is a new international golf tournament for the best action sports athletes from around the world.


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This proves that golf is not just for golfers. Many surfers, skateboarders, base jumpers, snowboarders, skiers and other adrenaline athletes are addicted to golf. Not only because golf is fun. For them it is the perfect balance to their adrenalin-charged daily business.

Oakley King of Greens brings together these athletes for a unique golf tournament.



This year competitors included skating legend Eric Koston, surfer Alan Riou, free skier Oscar Wester and many more professionals at the top of their game.

We love this event because it allows the athletes to express themselves bringing a fresh and exciting look to the sport. Offering a platform for young golfers and motivates the youth to get in touch with the game.


Sean Malto_Eric Koston_1


Yes they even had a mini-ramp on the course…

Snowboarder Alex Tank took home first prize at the Berlin competition this year, with surfer Alan Riou taking the silver medal for the second year running.



This is a great example of how forward thinking brands and professionals are changing the sport of golf for the better. Taking golf out of its old roots and bringing it into the millennial generation.