Michelle Wie goes blonde, Internet approves

Michelle Wie has been in the public eye for well over a decade now. In that time, she’s been no stranger to the hair salon, as she went with purple a few months ago.

Now the 25-year-old is going full on blonde.

Wie posted two photos of her new blonde locks on Instagram Thursday, and we’ll admit – she looks phenomenal.

Twitter seems to approve of Wie’s new look as well:

So is the world ready for “Blondwiezy”? Who knows. But Wie will have a lot of time on her hands to experiment with different hair styles. Last week Wie was forced to withdraw in the second round of the Women’s British Open with an ankle injury. Her status for the rest of this year is up in the air.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, here’s that purple look we mentioned earlier. Which look floats your boat – blonde, purple or jet black?

This happened #stresshair #purplehairdontcare

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