Rory McIlroy in fighting form for PGA Championship

Sharon Wong

It’s always a pain (no pun intended) when the number one player of a sport is out for the count. This has been the case for Rory McIlroy, who ill-advisedly injured his ankle while playing the totally unrelated sport of soccer. His many fans have been repeatedly frustrated by his withdrawal from the Scottish Open, the Open and the WGC-Invitational. But at long last, their patience will be rewarded. Rory has announced that he’s at “100 percent” and will be returning to Whistling Straits to bring home the PGA Championship trophy.

Having arrived at Whistling Straits over the weekend, Rory McIlroy’s already hit the driving range and played nine holes in the rain. Judging by the fact the three birdies he’s scored, he certainly wasn’t kidding about that 100 percent. He’ll be needing that fighting spirit. His first two rounds will be played against Jordan Spieth, Masters and US Open Winner and Open Champion Zach Johnson. Tune in on Thursday at 2:20pm, Eastern Time, to watch the giants battle it out.