Dustin Johnson’s treacherous bunker covered up, 5 years too late

Source: ftw.usatoday.com
Source: ftw.usatoday.com

Who could forget the fatal oversight that cost Dustin Johnson the PGA Championship in 2010? Johnson grounded his club on what he thought was a patch of worn ground, unaware that it was actually a well-disguised bunker and inadvertently gave away the trophy to Martin Kaymer. It appears that the folks at the PGA Tour would like to keep it out of sight at least, if not out of mind. Over that infamous bunker along the 18th hole of the Whistling Straits course, a white tent village for the PGA Championship’s corporate bigwig guests. So guests of honor from the likes of Pepsi, Chase, Leximark and Mercedes will be eating, socializing and making deals over the very gravesite of Johnson’s championship hopes.

Source: golfdigest.com


This questionable choice has set tongues of golf fans a-wagging, but we wonder how Dustin Johnson himself feels about all of this. He was very composed and gracious after the big loss, but that glaring white tent by the 18th hole has to be a painful reminder of what could have been for him. Not to mention the fact that the occupants of the tent are distractingly close to the crucial 18th hole. We hope they won’t be loud.