India’s Hottest Female Golf Babe

Meet Sharmila Nicollet, an absolute golfer babe who is also the only Indian woman on the Ladies European Tour.

The 24 year old from Bangalore is making real waves in the golfing scene with her talent, personality and style.




Nicollet turned professional in 2009 when she was 18 years old making her the youngest Indian golfer to qualify for Ladies European Tour. She is also the second Indian to earn a full card on the Ladies European Tour.

She describes herself as:

I’m a Professional Golfer. Nice as pie but fixed in my ways. A teddy bear in disguise with a hard candy shell. I call a spade a spade it just is what it is. Got good intuition and intentions. I’m very competitive and aggressive in my game and this helps me win tournaments. Self dependent and a total shopaholic.



This golf babe is winning hearts and minds across the world and getting “amazing” sponsorship deals to match…

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