Get Rich And Win $500,000 By Designing A Really Awesome Golf Club

Sharon Wong



Ever wanted to work in golf? Want to win big cash? Keep reading…

Golf club technology can be so underwhelming to the untrained eye. Exceptional spin technology? Perfectly placed grooves? YAWN. We want something with pizzazz, something to draw the masses in with fireworks. Maybe even literal fireworks.

So… do you think you can hack it with the big boys of golf engineering? Then apply to the challenge here and you just might stand to win a grand prize of $500,000 As part of Golf Channel’s new show, “Driver vs. Driver”, Wilson Golf is shouting out to engineers, inventors, designers and anyone at all to come out of the woodwork with the most innovative, eye-catching driver possible.


The show’s raison d’etre will be to identify new ideas for the future technology as it follows the ups and downs prospective designers encounter in their quest to create the perfect driver. And no, you do not have to be a seasoned golf pro or technician to gather up arms and conquer here.

The specific aim of “Driver vs. Driver” is to demonstrate that the best concepts, materials, ideas and design elements can be found in the most unlikely of industries and people. If you’re creative and golf-obsessed, what are you waiting for? Not only could you win lots of cash, you’d also have the chance to work with the Wilson engineering and design team on a 2017 club that will be sold in stores across the country.

Take that idea you’ve been toiling over in your spare time and click on the photo of below to apply!


Don’t neglect to do this by 11:59 CT on August 15, 2015 or your design dreams will turn to pumpkins and rags.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Chances Of Being On The Show

Before you apply by the 15th, here are some tips to get you ahead of the competition:

1. Go slightly insane


Innovation isn’t just talking about golf clubs that are user-friendly and effective. It’s talking about golf clubs that will turn heads, clubs that will inspire short stories and have small children rearing to have a go with them. Why? Well, they might have jetpacks or they might have electric force fields around their heads so they can hit a ball clear across countries. Or if you have the magical know-how, you could even create one that doubles as a Quidditch broom. This is a contest for the mad scientist we know is lurking in you. Let him wreak havoc onto the streets.

2. Actually design a club that could work

mad scientist

We’re sorry to bring you back down to earth, we really are. But these things do have to work. And you have to be intimately acquainted with how. Make sure that you have an understanding of the mechanics that will be powering your invention. What is its purpose? How will it work? How will you put it together? Is it sustainable? User-friendly? Ask yourself the practical questions. Remember, your brainchild just might be marketed to actual people.

3. Preach to your choir


Who are you going to design your driver for? Golf aficionados? Beginners? Players with physical disabilities? Kangaroos? As with any product, it’s always essential to know the people you’re designing for and to try to speak to them as much as possible. Keep them in mind as you add or take away features. Would this make their golfing experience easier? More enjoyable? Are they likely to tell others in their demographic about it? Continue to keep them close at hand when it comes to pitching your ideas. Remember, they’re your people. So act like it!

4. Practice your Don Draper pitch


You may have the wildest concepts and the killer mechanics to back them up, but you’ve got to be able to deliver them with panache. You have an immediate edge if you’re good at selling your product, as the cliche goes. Get your audience excited about seeing it, trying it out and potentially going home with it. Explain its function as clearly and succinctly as you can, being sure not to alienate others with jargon. And if you’re camera shy, practice, practice practice. It always works in your favor if you are personable, genuine and confident. And be sure to work that brilliant smile.

5. Have fun, for heaven’s sake


Intimidated? If so, take a deep breath and think about it. If you don’t end up with $500,000 and a patented product on the market, so what? You will not bring about the apocalypse, the sky will not descend upon us all and you’ll still be here with people who love you and think your idea is the bees knees, even if we don’t. So really, throw yourself into this project with wild abandon. At least your baby will be out there in the world instead of hidden in that garage.

10 Amazing Ways To Blow 500 Grand

Nothing like wishful thinking for a little motivation.  $500,000 is not a million, but it’ll still take you fairly far. We’ll leave you to salivate over some mirages for now.

1. Pah-tay


You may not be able to afford a giant yacht, but a boat load of alcoholic beverages will be yours for the taking. You’d also be able to afford outrageous cover charges and not have to work, for a time at least. So enjoy your limited time to get trashed and end up on either a park bench or a presidential suite. Impress some rich important people by buying them a few drinks (but not too many). Trust us, when your luck runs out, you’ll need those business cards.

2. Get yourself a passport


Never had money to see the world? Now you have no excuse to vegetate within the safe confines of your borders. The best thing about traveling is that you can always adjust the spice level. Less adventurous? Splurge on a luxury resort and spend a few days lazing on a pristine beach and hitting a few rounds of golf, which we presume you’d want to do if you entered this contest. All that sound like dying in your sleep? Invest in a whirlwind adventure down the Silk Road, a dogsled journey across Greenland, a skydiving sojourn over Botswana. The world and its experience are yours for the taking. Have a literal oyster.

3. Spruce up the nest


Maybe home is really where your heart is. That’s ok, we guess. We won’t deny that it is a thrill to move out of your ratty studio into that sleek loft with the Frank Lloyd Wright interior. Or turn your rundown family home into that sumptuous Spanish casita you’ve always wished it could be. You’d still have money left over for some original Chippendale furniture and chrome bathroom furnishings. Or a state of the art security system for envious relatives, fawning frenemies and the eventual debt collectors.

4. Look like anything you want


Along with a new home, you could have a brand new you. You could replace everything in your closet with as many Pradas, Chanels and Givenchys as your heart desires. You could trade in your split ends and bedraggled fringe for a shiny coif with perfect blonde highlights. But you don’t just have to swop out hairdos and outfits. If you so wish, your face is fair game too. It’s totally within your means to fly out to the venue of your choice to be operated on to your heart’s content

5. Have a baby?


Admittedly, this might be a poor choice, but all you’ve ever wanted was a baby of your own. Your partner is cautiously on board, but (s)he’s a grad student and you’re just paying off your student loans. With $500,000, you could pay off all your hospital bills and we think you might just be able to squeeze a designer cot in there if you’re judicious. As to what would happen when you actually have to live with the kid for 18 more years, you’re on your own. Maybe you could save yourself the hefty costs of OBGYN visits and “adopt”, like the couple above.

6. Give your existing child a better life


All we’ll say here is, you go, technology whizz parents of the world. Sucker punch those student loans in their smug face.

7.  Give back to this harsh, unforgiving world


You might be a really good person. You’ve always had a heart for the disenfranchised and imperiled things around us Or maybe you’d feel bad if you hoarded all $500,000 to yourself. Whatever your reasons for giving are, they are awesome. And it doesn’t matter who or what you give to either. It could be gypsy orphans in Romania, endangered sun bears of Southeast Asia or a cancer research fund. Or perhaps you just really like impressionist art and couldn’t bear to see those limited edition Van Gogh sketches stay unrestored. You’re still making the world a more beautiful place.

8. Go big or go home


We’re guessing you’ve played it safe most of your life. You don’t love your job, but you’ve got a wife and kids to feed. You don’t put a toe out of line because you’re afraid of offending the wrong people. You invest more in the future of your children than your own. But now you’ve already taken a risk by entering this contest. You’ve put a jealously guarded dream out into the ether and it’s now earned you the means to allow a little danger in your life. So go out there onto the tables and slot machines and prepare to hold nothing back. $500,000 will tide you over for a while and it will be sweet, sweet torture. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some and the highs and lows will be exponential. But you’ll probably never feel more alive.

9. Do the smart thing


Fine, don’t take our terrible advice. You’re a sensible chap (maybe even a bit of a bore) and you know $500,000 is really not as much as it sounds, just the promise of bigger and better things to come. So you put it in your account and hire someone you’d trust with your life. You get them to invest it for you wisely. Or maybe you’re together enough to do it all yourself. You give yourself a sizable annual salary that adds a great deal to the original 500k sum with each passing year. And you don’t quite your job, at least, not yet. Before anyone else knows it, you’ve created yourself a bright new future. Why did you need us to tell you what to do with your money again?

10. Any plans for world dominion?


So we heard today that the US spent exactly $500,000 on training Baltic scientists to counter Russian propaganda. Now you can too! Or maybe you’d rather resort to some good old-fashioned biological warfare. Whatever gets your juices flowing, really. If you’ve entered this contest in the first place, chances are that you’re smart enough for nefarious plans with far-reaching consequences. We’re almost afraid of what we’re enabling here.