Jordan Spieth greets fan hysteria with a smile

Sharon Wong
Source: Thomas J. Russo/ USA TODAY Sports
Source: Thomas J. Russo/ USA TODAY Sports

Everyone’s going gaga over Jordan Spieth, except Jordan Spieth himself. The 22-year old golfer found himself barraged by a battalion of fans as he played nine holes at Whistling Straits. It may just have been been a practice round, but his gallery swelled to the biggest of the day. Fans vied for his attention from every direction, demanding for autographs and groaning and cheering at his practice putts. One boy even laments not quite being able to touch him because his arm wasn’t long enough. Sound a lot like when Princess Diana made a public appearance back in the day. But unlike the ill-fated royal, Spieth retained his composure just fine.

Instead of shielding his face with his hand and responding to every question with a “No comment”, he remained with his entourage for a good five minutes, signing as many autographs as he could manage. To those he couldn’t quite reach, he gave a smiling apology, “I’m not trying to miss you. It’s just hard to get everyone”. If he was feeling the pressure of playing against Rory McIlroy and Zach Johnson on his first two rounds, he certainly wasn’t showing it.

We can’t imagine what the commotion would have been like if Jordan had won the British Open, as he’d been hoping. But all the same, we have little to no doubt that Jordan will still be keeping it together on the day of, when his gallery is several times the size and much more raucous. He’s the king of playing it cool and that’s ultimately what’s going to keep his mental game rock steady.