Brandel Chamblee doesn’t hate Tiger. Really.

Sharon Wong
Source: Golf Digest
Source: Golf Digest

Tiger Woods’ most outspoken critic is Golf Channel analyst, Brandel Chamblee. In a column he wrote for two years ago, he insinuated that the world’s most famous golf player was a cheat and that he would award him an F for his five win season. The blowback was brutal and he had to resign from Golf Magazine after a public apology. Not that he has reigned in his opinions of the Tiger thus far. He openly called Tiger a “shell of the man” who won the British Open twice and has criticized his ever-changing swing. But Chamblee is adamant that he holds no animosity towards Woods whatsoever and instead has a lot in common with him.

“I don’t hate Tiger at all. I love Tiger. I think what he’s doing is amazing… Because I sit in a chair and someone asks me about him every two minutes and I’ve had to give my opinion — If I put together all of the video I’ve ever had of me talking about Tiger Woods, 85 percent of it would be me lauding him. If you and I sat here for an hour and I tell you that you’re a great writer and I say that I enjoy your company, but in the last two minutes I say I don’t like your haircut, that’s all you’ll remember. You’ll say, ‘That asshole didn’t like my haircut!’. I get it. That’s human nature. People remember the criticisms.”

So what are their commonalities? Chamblee was once one of the country’s top amateur players at U of T and all without taking a lesson. According to him, his performance deteriorated immediately as soon as he started taking lessons from professionals. He no longer played golf intuitively because he modeled his swing to an ideal. Sound familiar? Maybe his perceived closeness to Tiger is what makes him feel entitled to critique.