Could Rory McIlroy’s Ankle Injury Actually Improve His Golf Swing?

The main story of this week surrounds Rory’s ankle, and if it will affect his performance at Whistling Straits in the US PGA Championship.

It looks like Rory has been sensible with his decision to let his ankle injury fully heal before returning to the course. He had no issues walking 72 holes in Portugal last week, so it’s safe to say he is 100% ready to defend his title.




The interesting piece of news is that Rory’s injury could actually help improve his swing. Mike Adams from Golf Digest claims that the slight adjustments McIlroy has made to accommodate the ruptured tendon have actually made his swing more sound.

“Whenever Rory plays his best, he posts strongly to his left side but doesn’t roll over to the outside of his left foot. When he rolls, it tends to make his swing go too much from in to out, Watching him this week, you can see that he isn’t modifying his swing because of the foot as much as he’s playing more under control, and pivoting more ‘on top’ of that foot. It’s actually great for his game long-term. And I think he’s ready to go out there and compete and win this week.”


From the signs of this video looks like his ankle is in great shape… I’m not sure I could do that with two good ankles!