How To Negotiate The 1000 Bunkers Of Whistling Straits

No-one knows for sure how many bunkers reside on the shores of Lake Michigan, but it’s rumored to be around 1000.

Whistling Straits is far from a conventional course and that’s why we love it. The course, opened in 1998 and is a masterpiece of illusion. Constructed from a former military base it stretches along a featureless, two miles of lake side in the Sheboygan County.



The creator Peter Dye has certainly created a thing of beauty and also one of the most challenging courses around. When asked about the bunkers Dye replied:

“Oh, there’s about 1,000, most of ’em are out of bounds and never used. They’re just for looks.”

After last years antics in the bunker with Dustin Johnson we all know how important playing the bunkers correctly are. So here is a great video showing how its done when you get stuck in the sand.