Looking Hot! Ex-Golf Channel Babe Win McMurray is BACK

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I missed Win McMurray. Everyone did. Anyone knows that golf needs brightening up and since leaving the Golf Channel things haven’t quite been the same. In fact, Im not even sure Im still subscribed to the Golf Channel since she left. PGA Tour Primetime, Morning Drive and Gone With the Win were all highlights, not for the usual pathetic boring wide angle shots of golf courses and lame tour news but for Win’s no holes barred sense of fashionista, sex appeal and style that frankly, just turned me on.

BUT, I have great news!  I’ve found her, recently appearing modelling for the F/FORE golf glove company and our pals at GolfPunkHQ and she’s looking, well, pretty good.

Golf gloves on their own are a pretty hard sell, unless you’re into more than playing golf,  so we love the leather pants / open buttoned jacket combo to spice things up a bit.

I love you Win, I always have…


Today’s catch #spearfishing#headhunterspearfishing

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Kind of like a really spacious golf cart crossed with an iPad #tesla

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A photo posted by Win McMurry (@winmcmurry) on


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