How President Obama Neglected America In Favour Of… Golf.



America finds itself in murky waters with an estimated debt of $18.628 trillion, according to the FY16 Federal Budget. Islamic State is getting stronger but what is our president doing about it? Playing golf.

On Wednesday, President Obama continued his golf marathon across the United States when he teed it up with former NBA All-Stars Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning at Farm Neck Golf Club in Massachusetts.

obama_ray allen

Obama’s outing with Allen and Mourning was the latest in a series of golf-heavy trips this month. Obama has been in Hawaii, Washington and now Martha’s Vineyard to hone his golf skills as the country continues to fracture under its increasing debt, and polarising views between left and right wing politicians.

Just last weekend, Obama rocked up to the links with Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David.

Obama has played three rounds since last Friday, according to a report by Daily Mail. He’s played so much golf in fact that his hand appears to be blistering. Jesus H. Christ. Is he for real?

On Monday, a photographer snapped images of him teeing it up with bandages on his hands.