John Daly Brings His Fiancee To Caddy For Him, Still Looks Grumpy

John Daly’s fiancee, Anna Cladakis, is caddying for the eccentric American this weekend at the PGA Championship.

Cladakis has been keeping it very patriotic by rocking these amazing American flag socks. Daly’s jazzy wardrobe selections must be wearing off on Anna.




Daly had an OK round yesterday posting a 73, one over par. According to reporters John didn’t seem overly happy with his game, even though his fans were cheering him on.

According to CBSS shouts from the crowd included “Johnny Deeeeee!” and “Good to see you, John!” But Daly just nodded, his bottom lip stuck perpetually above his upper. Making him look more upset than he probably is. Maybe there is something on his mind.


Anna Cladakis and John Daly. (USATSI)


At least his jazzy dress sense makes up for his lack of charisma on the course.

Cheer up John!