Police Dog Dies At PGA Championship After Policeman Leaves Him In Hot Car



It’s not been a good year for police in general. After a series of wrongful shootings that have sparked national riots, the police are at it again. This time it’s with dogs.

During Wednesday’s practice round of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, a police dog named Wix died after being left in a hot and steamy car while on duty. The officer who left him reportedly told colleagues he kept the engine running with the air conditioning on, and that the unit broke causing Wix to die of apparent heat exhaustion.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office said it was investigating the incident, but that it wasn’t being treated as suspicious.

Wix, a Malinois who specialised in explosive detection, was on a special project at golf’s fourth major with his partner Deputy Lemberger on Wednesday when the tragedy occurred.

“At approximately 12:30pm, Deputy Lemberger found Wix non-responsive in the back of his squad car and the air conditioning unit was not functioning properly. Deputy Lemberger’s squad car is equipped with K-9 heat alarm which did not activate when the air conditioning unit failed.”

Deputy Lemberger couldn’t be reached for comment. His superiors said he is currently “coping” with the loss of Wix. It remains to be seen whether there will be national riots… by dogs. Let’s hope not.