Jordan Spieth coins cute new catchphrase at Whistling Straits

Sharon Wong
Source: Scott Halleran, Getty Images
Source: Scott Halleran, Getty Images

What is with these golfers talking to themselves within everyone else’s earshot? At least Jordan Spieth kept it very PG-13. In fact, his exclamation just cements his reputation as a clean-cut good guy who says things like “Neato!” or “Goshdarn!” when faced with life’s disappointments.

When he pulled his drive on the 16th hole, Spieth could not help but utter his disgust with himself out loud. It seems that he is just as chipper and as likable in dire moments of disappointment as he is when he’s signing autographs for rabid fans. So what was this soon-to-be household catchphrase? “Holy snap hooks!”

Come on, that is pretty endearing. At least Sky Sports commentator Butch Harmon thought so when he lol’d.