How Millennial Golfers Blair O’Neal and Paige Spiranac Made Women’s Golf Awesome


blair o'neal

Golf has returned to its glory days. Millennials are dominating the world and beautiful people are either winning on TOUR or triumphing on social media.

Enter Blair O’Neal

When Blair O’Neal become an internet sensation after winning The Big Break, she inspired thousands of other women across the world to take up the game.

Golf has long been considered a masculine game, and the stereotype for women for many years wasn’t exactly pretty, slim, blonde and sexy.

It wasn’t until the mid-2000’s that glamor made its way into the game with the likes of Natalie Gulbis and Anna Rawson wowing male and female fans alike with their looks.

Blair O’Neal is the antithesis of the female golfer, at least the traditional one. With the likes of Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb or Nancy Lopez hardly inspiring women around the world with their style, golf saw a dark period. Personalities such as O’Neal have brought a certain sense of fun to the women’s game, on top of their beauty and fashion.

Blair O’Neal, who originated from Arizona, is so much more than just a golfer. When she’s not crushing drives, she’s had a successful model career and has been voted “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time” by Sports Illustrated, one of the “Top 10: Fit Golfers” by Golf Channel, and one of the “Hottest Golfers” by Golf Digest.

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Enter Paige Spiranac

New-kid-on-the-block Paige Spiranac almost become an internet sensation overnight. Some may recognise her from the SDSU women’s golf team trick shot video, which went viral earlier this year. To others, she simply came out of nowhere.

With icy blue eyes and a ridiculous figure, Spiranac – like O’Neal – has provided a welcome distraction to golfers out on the course. Paige isn’t just about the looks, she has the perfect swing to match.

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