Remember that awkward as f*** moment when Tiger Woods made a terrible joke?

79 PGA TOUR victories. Check. 14 Major Championships. Check. The most awkward-as-fuck interview the golf world has ever seen. Check, motherfuckers. We re-live the moment when a guy from the golf press asked legend Tiger Woods if he thinks age has made him lose a step to his competitors. Woods, an introvert dude who was a high-school nerd before his golfing stardom, tried to respond by cracking a joke, but it went terribly wrong.

Woods used to bring so much joy to the game ever time he showed up. I remember watching him win the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines. He was a superhero for not only little kids, but for grown ups to. Woods was the soundtrack to every golf tournament, and now he’s mocked by the very people that used to love him.

Earlier this year, Woods was asked if he thought about retirement, and he said “I don’t have my AARP card yet.” The AARP, who are a mighty and powerful advocacy group for old folks, responded on Twitter (how they figured Twitter out, I’ll never know) with a jab that made the Tiger Woods story all the sadder: “It is better to be over 50 than it is to be over par.”

Ouch on so many levels. People forget the excitement that Woods once embodied when he teed the ball up each week. For most of the world, he was the symbol of youth dominating a color-prejudice sport of old stuffy white guys. Tiger Woods was the FUCKING MAN. Hope, for most golf fans, has faded. There is no thrill anymore when the name Tiger Woods is mentioned in bars or on social media. If you’re a fan like me, there’s a depressing feeling that you wish would disappear. Woods is a very slow ticking time bomb waiting to explode. As selfish as it might sound, I hope he retires. Let’s remember Woods the way he deserves. A champion.