Obama’s Golf Tour Continues; Next Opponent Is Bill Clinton



Two of America’s powerhouses came together on Saturday to play golf at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

A White House pool report said that President Obama teed it up Saturday morning with Bill Clinton, as well as long-time Clinton advisor Vernon Jordan and former trade representative to Obama, Ron Ron Kirk.



Your pooler was escorted to a spot some distance from the green and permitted to watch play for two minutes and 30 seconds.

When your pooler arrived, play was already underway at the first hole and each golfer was lining up for what they hoped would be their final putt.

Vernon Jordan, in white hat, coral shirt and shorts, was preparing a shot while President Obama – in baseball cap, white sports shirt and grey pants – and former president Clinton appeared to be talking.

When Jordan apparently succeeded, Obama fished the ball for him and handed it back to him.

Then Obama crouched down to line up his own shot, taking a couple of practice swings before appearing to successfully putt the ball into the hole.

Finally, Clinton – in light blue pants, dark blue polo shirt but no hat – stepped forward, taking three practice swings before apparently also succeeding in putting the ball into the hole. Obama collected the ball for him.

Your pooler was then ushered off the course and is now holding in a bus at 1.55 p.m.