Jason Day’s mother frantically tracks his match on Twitter at work

Sharon Wong
Source: News United
Source: News United

Jason Day is not certainly not lacking in the inspiring role model department. He has a caddie who veered him away from a path of ruin to a major championship and he has a mother who couldn’t be prouder or more willing to make sacrifices for him. Dening Day, a Philipina immigrant to Oz, tried her best to keep up with Jason’s progress at the office via Twitter. Too bad the office connection was slow and she belatedly caught the win. She was surrounded by a bevy of supportive coworkers who were thrilled at the prospect of Jason bringing home the Wanamaker Trophy. But of course, no one was quite as excited as Dening herself.

Now a customer service worker at a shipping company, Dening suffered just as much as her son did when her husband passed on. The family was extremely poor, so poor that Jason recalls her cutting their grass with a knife because they couldn’t afford a mower. She also had to heat kettles of water individually so they could have hot water when they showered. Despite the hardships, she endured more for Jason’s education, taking out a second mortgage on their house, borrowing money from relatives and making the seven-hour drive to get him to school. Just as he had a caddie who brought him to the heights of his performance, Jason Day had a mother who was willing to throw herself into giving him a better life and a home to return to.

Day admits that their hardships have only contributed to his rise to excellence, “If my dad didn’t pass away, I don’t think I would have been in a good spot. That’s what I was saying, when a door closes, another door opens up for that opportunity. And where I was based, I mean it wasn’t the greatest place. But who knows where I would have been. I honestly don’t know. I can’t tell you…. But to be honest, I have no idea where I would be, what I would be doing, probably wouldn’t be doing much of anything.”