Jordan Spieth will throw first Rangers pitch where he lost two front teeth

Sharon Wong
Source: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News
Source: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

Jordan Spieth, the world’s Number 1 golfer, will be trying his hand at baseball in his home state, Texas. He has been selected to throw the first pitch for the Texas Rangers when they play against Seattle at the Arlington stadium on Tuesday. He’s done this before for the Rangers in May last year, when they were playing against the A. Looks like every sport could use an exceptional golfer. Now if they used him for his short game…

While it’s certainly a moment that calls for celebration, Jordan Spieth hasn’t always had the greatest memories at the Arlington stadium. When he and his dad misplayed a foul ball in the stands during another Ranger’s game, he lost two front teeth. Luckily, he was four at the time, so the damage was not permanent. Who knows where that winningly wholesome Spieth smile would be if the dates had been shifted by a few years.