Obama vs Trump – Who Would Win A Round Of Golf?

Obama vs Trump ultimate golf matchup! Who would win? The question on everyone’s lips… well maybe not. But who cares, let’s have a look at who would win.

After President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton played golf together on Saturday, the topic of the game as a presidential attribute is making the rounds.

We all know how invested Trump is with his golf, owning 16 courses around the world, but who is better?


Trump vs Obama

Starting with Obama. In 2009 he was ranked 7th out of presidential golfers by Golf Digest and ESPN reporter Don Van Natta. 7th doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s not like he is up against an elite group of golfers.

More recently Micheal Jordan called out Obama on his poor golf skills, saying that he wouldn’t want to play a round with him because he was a “hack.”

Still, Obama spends considerable free time on the links. And Mr. Van Natta says, “Obama has taken a lot of criticism but he’s really improved since becoming president. He was terrible before he as elected, but he’s gotten much better.”



Now onto this nutter… who once described that the sport should only be played by rich people.

Trump claims that he once shot a round of 66….. a round Tiger Woods would be happy with (especially on his current form,) I am calling BS on this one, whilst he is probably quite good we all know he likes to chat a bit of rubbish.

He is pretty confident of his golf skills, recently calling out his political opponent Rand Paul: “Recently, Rand Paul called me and asked me to play golf. I easily beat him on the golf course and will even more easily beat him now, in the world in the politics.”



Whilst he strikes the ball quite nicely here, check out that horrible swing!

But then again, Obama’s isn’t much better…



The big question is who would win a round? Realistically I think Trump would probably take the trophy, but I’d love to see Obama wipe that smug smile of his face.