Another reason Jason Day’s the man: he helped a starving writer out!

Sharon Wong
Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Newsflash: Jason Day is a really, really nice guy. Or should we say good guy, given the bad rap Nice Guys get these days? Former Guardian golf correspondent Lawrence Donegan can vouch for his nice… goodness, we mean. On the Off The Ball radio show in Ireland, he revealed how Jason Day’s penchant for casual philanthropy helped out a penniless Guardian writer.

“One of the journalists is out on tour all the time and he’s not got a lot of money and he used to turn up everyday with a shirt. So he’d have a red shirt for a Monday and a blue shirt for a Tuesday and Day eventually cottoned on to this and asked, ‘How many shirts have you got?’ And he said ‘Seven. One for every day of the week’ and Day said ‘Meet me next week.’ Day turned up the next week for 40 top quality shirts. He’s got a new sponsor and these were all the shirts from when he didn’t have a brand new sponsor and he gave them to the guy. I’d think that’s such a great story.”

We think that part of the reason he’d be up for such a heartwarming gesture is his own struggle with poverty. As he’s made known very publicly, he and his mother could barely make ends meet and would have continued to eke out an impoverished existence if it hadn’t been for golf. We’re glad he’s using golf as a way to give back to others who are just scraping by.