Spieth Can Pitch Better Than Johnson – Wins $5000 For Charity

Zach Johnson helped end Jordan Spieth’s run at a golf Grand Slam last month at the British Open. This time the two were competing to see who could pitch throw the fastest first pitch.

Earlier this week Johnson had issued a challenge to Spieth, to see who could throw the fastest, the loser would have to pay $5000 to charity.

Johnson probably didn’t realise, but Spieth used to pitch when he was a little kid…



Both threw out ceremonial first pitches at big league parks — Spieth in Arlington, Texas, Johnson in Chicago.

Spieth who throws left handed, threw this impressive pitch. The Rangers via Twitter posted a brief video of Spieth and called it “a hard strike.” Maybe a strike, but hard? Hardly.



The Chicago Cubs posted a photo of Johnson throwing the first pitch and said he “registered 95 on the radar gun.” Not quite sure if we believe that one…

Johnson’s pitch apparently missed high and wide, so the winner was Spieth! Sports Centre and other media outlets confirmed this.

Zach took it like a man and was gracious in defeat, posting this to twitter: