Holy S***! Airplane Door Crashes From The Sky Onto Golf Course

Sometimes golf can be described as a dull, boring and slow game. But, imagine if a piece of aircraft fell from the sky during your round? 

This is what happened to patrons at the Green Meadows Golf Course in Charlotte, North Carolina. They experienced a bit of a shock when their game was disrupted on Wednesday morning by an errant piece of aircraft, which fell from an airplane overhead.

plane door

A bystander told a local new station that he witnessed the object “falling from the sky, twirling around in circles and land approximately 40 yards to the right of the green” near the 7th hole.

The object turned out to be a panel door for a hydraulic servicing area on a American Airlines plane, which somehow came unhinged and plummeted towards the golf course during a flight from Dallas to Charlotte.

plane door II

Fortunately no one was harmed. Apparently the door came off a part of the plane that wasn’t pressurised, and all the golfers on the course managed to remove themselves from danger.

Will we start to see hard hats on the greens?