Meet Anna Rawson – Australia’s Elegant Golf Star And Model

Anna Rawson is an Australian golfer and model, she has played on both the European tour and the LPGA Tour, recently she got intimate with Golf Punk for an exclusive photo shoot and interview.


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Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, this golfing natural turned professional in 2004. She has been trying to change the face of women’s golf using her personality and looks to promote the sport. Anna was one of the first to inject a bit of sex appeal into golf.

“Where golf is right now it’s no longer unacceptable. It’s fun to do something really edgy. I love to shock people. I have been successful, and I can do what I want.”

And she’s not just a pretty face, check out that swing…


Practice. Practice. Practice. @parsonsxtremegolf #0311 6 iron #golf❤️

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Considering she recently turned 34, Anna is looking remarkably good. When asked about the importance of her looks, she replied:

“Ha ha ha ha. Oh my God. They have been a total advantage. Even when I wasn’t aware of my looks they worked as an advantage.”

At least she is honest…


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