The Route 1 Miniature Golf Course T. Rex faces extinction, needs a good home

Sharon Wong
Source : WBZ
Source: WBZ

The Cretaceous Period is officially over for the Route 1 T. Rex. For years, the friendly orange dinosaur has beckoned golfers to sample the offerings of the Route 1 Miniature Golf Course and Batting Cages in Saugus, Massachusetts. Now that the mini golf course has been bought out by a developer and will be part of a new hotel and apartment complex, this T. Rex will no longer have wild golfing pastures to roam upon. And its prospects don’t seem promising. The way we see it, the poor imperiled creature may end up in a cramped cage in a soulless zoo, a junkyard or a freak show, if they even have those around anymore.

We’ve heard that the Route 1 Miniature Golf Course may be open for one season more, but time is seriously running out. If any one of our followers can find it in their hearts to adopt this bright orange bundle of love, please come forward. It’s particular about its tees and Q’s, so all you golfers out there will be helping out a reptile after your own heart. It really likes small children and pets too, but if you have either of those, don’t bring it home.