This golf exercise machine will let you look like a god and play like a child

Sharon Wong

Do you remember what it was like to sit on a swing? That rush of adrenaline when you’ve pushed off and gone as high as you can, feet kicking in the air? The TotalWave Fitness System totally lets you go back to those heady days of your youth, all while sculpting those golf muscles and working up a sweat. Why not work hard and play hard all at once?

Perhaps ironically, the TotalWave Fitness System is the brainchild of a pro-surfer, Laird Hamilton and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece. The device helps you shift your weight to improve your balance and move in different planes. It’s not that hard of a workout either, apparently. The emphasis is less on crippling you with exhaustion and more on improving your core strength and balance, traits that we’d assume you need for surfing too.

Quite a decent way to get into the, well, swing of things, really.