Could Tiger Woods’ career be… cursed? An angry fan tells all

Sharon Wong
Source: Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Source: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tiger Woods can’t entirely be blamed for his career gone wrong. At least, not if you’re considering every possibility. Sure, he’s made a ton of poor choices and dropped the ball on his mental game.But maybe, just maybe, there could be a more supernatural angle to all this. When someone’s come out of the woodwork to boldly announce that he’s put a curse on Tiger Woods, you have to at least think about it. After all, there seems to be no escaping his professional slump with anything short of an Act of God

A long time ago, Tony Cocchia asked Tiger for an autograph at the Westchester Country Club. He was refused. When Tiger was walking away, Cocchia claimed to have yelled at his retreating back, “I hope you never win another major.” While Tiger Woods did indeed win six more majors since his last appearance at Westchester, Cocchia is adamant that the curse’s effects just took time.

“He hasn’t won a major in seven years,” Cocchia told The Hour, a Norwalk-based newspaper, “So now the Maloik really works. Everybody busts my chops. They say, ‘Tony, what (the heck) did you do to Tiger?'”

In case you were curious, the Maloik or the Malcocchia (which oddly, rhymes with Cocchia) is another name for the evil eye in Italian. To make it work, you have to direct a malevolent glare at an unsuspecting person. If you are successful, misfortune or injury will ensue.

Perhaps the only thing Tiger Woods could have done differently was just sign that damn autograph.