Jordan Spieth will never beat Tiger Woods…

Sharon Wong
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

…according to CBS TV Ratings. Just about a month ago, nobody knew what the Wyndham Championship was. But when a certain someone announced that he’d be gracing it with his presence, this formerly unknown tournament soared to the very heights of media attention. There was a 220-percent increase between the Saturday TV ratings of last year’s Tiger-free Wyndham and this year’s, with a 160-percent bump on Sunday that would haven been much higher if it wasn’t for that triple bogey.


But the TV ratings aren’t just high compared to those of previous Wyndhams. They managed to top those of both the British Open and the US Open, which means that more people wanted to watch Tiger Woods win a no name tournament than see Jordan Spieth complete a Grand Slam at St. Andrews. How’s that for star power?

We have a hunch that the Championship that Tiger is playing in October is going to get a lot more popular.