FACT: Derek Jeter Stole Money From President Obama



President Obama visited Sin City on Monday for a fundraiser hosted by super-rich newspaper tycoon Brian Greenspun. During his speech, Obama told a story about how Derek Jeter stole money from him at Shadow Creek Golf Club in North Las Vegas. It went something like this…

The President and The Captain were on the practice range together warming up. Jeter was clearly a beginner, shanking balls left, right and center. Obama – a notorious gambler on the golf course – smelled an opportunity to win some cash from Jeter, so he walked over and asked The Captain if he had just taken up the game.

“I just started two weeks ago,” Jeter replied.

Jeter lied. In fact, he had been shanking golf balls on purpose. Jeter and Obama went out onto the course a few minutes later with a hefty wager in place. On the first hole, it became apparent that Jeter wasn’t the hacker that Obama had witnessed earlier. Four hours later, Obama took out his wallet and handed The Captain a large stash of dollar bills.

The “friendly” wager took place on Nov. 22 of last year.