Tiger Woods’ father made a creepy prediction 20 years ago

Sharon Wong
Source: L. Cohen
Source: L. Cohen

What is with all the voodoo following Tiger Woods around? 20 years ago, he won three straight US Amateur Championships. In the celebration right after, his dad, Earl Woods was feeling pretty talkative thanks to the free-flowing champagne. He blurted out the following to reporter Tim Rosaforte: “I’m going to make a prediction. Before he’s through, my son will win 14 major championships.”

What eerily prophetic words. As it turns out, that’s exactly where Tiger is today. And it’s difficult to tell if Tiger will have capped it for good at 14 major championships or if he will ever eclipse Jack Nicklaus at 18 wins. Earl, who was indignant that his foretelling was reported at all, said in 2001, “I will not put a limitation on Tiger in the form of a prediction. I have no clue. There are so many things that can affect him, especially injury.”

How right he was about all that too.