5 Women That Positively Influenced Tiger Woods’ Career


As twisted as it might sound, Tiger’s sordid relationships with women inevitably had a positive effect on his golf game. Trapped in a marriage that was more about PR than it was love, Tiger lit up the golf world between 1997-2009 before his life (and game) came crashing down.

Here is a nostalgic look at some of the women in his life that were positive influencers during his golden spell.

1. Elin Nordegren

While Tiger’s relationship with Elin was more about publicity than it was love, there’s no doubt that she had a profound impact on Tiger’s game and helped create a stable home environment that allowed Tiger to do what he does best – win golf tournaments. During their marriage, Tiger scored an insane 32 PGA TOUR victories. We salute you, Elin.

2. Kultida Woods

kultida woods
Known for her calm and quiet demeanour, Kultida Woods – Tiger’s mother – was the antithesis of his competitive father. A Buddhist, Kultida is largely responsible for Tiger’s zen like qualities on the golf course, ensuring that no matter what adversity he faced, the mind always triumph over the matter.

3. Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel adored Tiger, and he adored her back. Although not chronologically his first mistress, it was Uchitel’s discovery that sent the golf world tumbling down. She was a nightclub hostess that Tiger often flew to tournament venues as his safety blanket. Between 2007-2009, Tiger won an astonishing 17 PGA TOUR events, including 2 major championships. It’s hard to say she wasn’t a positive influence on his game.

4. Holly Sampson

holly samson
Notorious adult film star Holly Sampson and her porn star friends were hired to work at Tiger’s bachelor party. Holly’s fun sense of humor helped Tiger relax, according to insiders. From 2004-2006 when Tiger knew Holly, he won 15 PGA TOUR events and 4 major championships.

5. Julie Postle

julie postle
Tiger’s friendship with Julie began in 2004 when she was working at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando. Known for her spiritual look on life, Tiger won 11 times during their friendship.