Why research says you’re more like a non-golfer than you think

Sharon Wong


Golfers and non-golfers could well be occupying different planes of existence in most people’s minds. Golfers are stuffy, archaic misogynists and non-golfers just can’t get it, right? Wrong. A study has shown that opinions about golf go beyond the stereotypes. Let’s check out what people across the spectrum really think about golf. The similarities across the board may surprise you.

– “Golf is a good way to enjoy the outdoors.” 86% of golfers and 70% of non-golfers agree on this.

– “Golf is a good form of exercise.” 70% of golfers and 60% of non-golfers agree.

Now, for some bad press…

– “Golf’s rules are too restrictive.” 28% of golfers and 30% of non-golfers agree.

– “Golf’s social environment is stuffy.” 33% of golfers and 36% of non-golfers agree.

– “Golf is elitist/exclusionary.” 38% of golfers and 40% of non-golfers agree

What really sticks out is that even golfers find the game to be a bit of a good old boys’ affair. Might be a sign that times are a-changing for this centuries old game. Maybe golfers and non-golfers can get together and talk about how to make golf a bit more of an everyman’s sport, over a friendly round or two, of course.