Why Controversial Golf Analyst David Feherty Has Lost His Job At CBS

In a move that’s disappointing for viewers of The Masters, PGA Championship and the approximately 20 golf tournaments aired on its network, CBS will part ways with its funny, sarcastic and outspoken golf analyst David Feherty. 


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Hailing from Northern Ireland, the former pro had been with CBS for almost 20 years. Reports are claiming that CBS and Feherty “couldn’t reach an agreement on his role in the network’s golf coverage.” 

We think this was an awful move… David was one of the only commentators in golf who wasn’t afraid to live on the edge, he made fun of players and always brought a comical element to his coverage.

Who remembers this hilarious interview with Tiger Woods?



Feherty’s out there attitude and distinctive personality won him many fans across the golfing world. Taking a look at twitter, the majority agree that this is a bad call from CBS.



Let’s hope that he gets snapped up by someone else, NBC perhaps?