2 packs of cigarettes a day instead of 3 saved John Daly’s life

Sharon Wong
Source: imgarcade.com
Source: imgarcade.com

For a while, we’ve all thought it was the end for John Daly. After that collapsed lung incident in the middle of a match, you would think that he’d be extra vigilant about not, you know, dying. But he didn’t let a little thing like being devoid of breath or a pulse for three minutes throw off his mental game, if creative self-delusion could be considered a mental game. However, stoic emotional fortitude wasn’t the only thing that kept him going all of the next day on the course. According to the man himself, smoking two packs a day is just enough to keep you in glowing good health. Now, if you tip the scale to 3, THAT’S just tempting fate right there. 

So there you have it, guys. The secret to longevity, the very fountain of youth itself. 2 packs a day and not a single ciggie more.