Jason Day’s golf bestie is…. Tiger Woods?

Sharon Wong
Source: Warren Little/Getty Images
Source: Warren Little/Getty Images

There are a few important people in Jason Day’s life. One of them’s his mother, the other his caddie/father figure, Col Swatton. But Jason attributes a large part of his success to one of the last people you’d expect. Yes, Tiger Woods, a rival of Jason’s who can’t seem to help himself, has been quite the lifesaver for the younger player. According to Day, the two men exchange texts and play friendly matches on the regular. By the way, Jason has a great deal of respect for Tiger’s intellectual prowess.

“His text messages, I have to digest them a little bit more, because he is very smart. And he has to dumb it down to my level.” Deep stuff.

If you were hoping for some juice on Tiger’s life and inner workings, Jason Day might disappoint. “All we do is talk about golf… I don’t know what he’s doing at home, but he must be busy trying to practice and get ready for upcoming tournaments.” Booorrriiinnnggg. There is the tantalizing possibility that there’s something he’s not saying, but perhaps Jason’s just trying to teach us a valuable lesson: the true meaning of loyalty between bosom buddies.