Rory McIlroy is thoroughly sick of himself

Sharon Wong

Especially when he appears in that OMEGA “Hall of Fame” ad yet again. You know the one that played ad nauseam throughout the PGA championship until some irate person began a petition to ban it. Apparently, Rory McIlroy is as sick of seeing his own face plastered all over screens as the rest of us.

When asked if he’d do another as for OMEGA, he responded, “I’m sure I will. I’m not sure when. But I think that one went quite well for them, that’s why we didn’t have to shoot another one this year. If they could just change the music that would help.” Ah, a hint of distaste beneath that veneer of politesse? Then, he went on to express rather less diplomatically, “Turn it off. I’ve seen it too many times.”

We guess it’s all just a new form of success for ads, getting played until the people in them want to never see their own faces again.