Donald Trump Calls Out Kanye West – Challenges Him To Golf Showdown


You may have heard that the self proclaimed “greatest living rockstar on the planet,” Kanye West, has now made an even more ridiculous statement, announcing that he will run for president in 2020.

Kanye actually thinks he is a God. Driven by his outrageous ego, the man has gone completely insane. Admitting that he had rolled up a little “something, something to take the edge off.”



About to tee off on one of his many golf courses, Donald Trump received the phone call notifying him of Kanye’s actions. Unhappy that someone was trying to steal the limelight away from him, he knew he had to act fast.

Trump immediately thought of a way to humiliate the pop star and devised a 1 vs 1 golfing challenge made specifically for this match-up. It’s unsure if Kanye has ever played golf, but Trump knew that Kanye wouldn’t be able to say no to a challenge as it would damage his ego.

Trump was quoted saying:

“If he wants to be a real American presidential candidate, he’s gotta know how to play golf! And I am the best at golf, I can beat Obama, and I will beat this silly man into the ground”

Angry that anyone thinks they are better than Kanye, he retorted with:

“I don’t know who this Trump guy is,  but I googled him and he looks old. I haven’t played golf before, but I am a GOD! So I can do what I want!”

“And after I win I’m going to go home and sit down with my fiance, who by the way IS NOT A HOBBIT!”


Trump vs Kanye


The date has been set for the 1st of January, where we will see these two irritating brats hitting golf balls around in a chance to win over public opinion.

The event will be streamed live on ESPN with commentary from the utterly pointless human that is Kim Kardashian and all of Tiger Wood’s ex girlfriends…