Is Jordan Spieth Really Dead?



Sad news coming from the PGA TOUR this weekend. Jordan Spieth may have died. Not literally died, but figuratively. After two disastrous weeks in a row, the 22-year-old is searching for the golf game which  has helped him pocket over $10 million this year in prize money. 

Here are 5 theories that could explain Spieth’s collapse:

1. He’s f***ing exausted

Winning major championships is tiring, and so is being one of the most famous athletes on the planet. Spieth probably needs a six-week golf-free vacation on a tropical island drinking Pina Colada’s and swaying in a hammock.

2. Being World #1 is boring

You spend your whole life working towards a single goal – being world number one. When it eventually happens, it is difficult to adjust goals when there is seemingly nothing else to strive for. Spieth could be adjusting to his newfound position, just like Andy Murray went through when he won Wimbledon in 2013. Expect at least a few months for him to figure where his head and heart lie.

3. He switched irons

Even though I hate Titleist with all my heart, they do make pretty good irons. However, their new model of the Titleist AP2’s seem to be more challenging to hit than their predecessor. Spieth put them into play at The Barclays and hit it like a drunk 28-handicapper. Either he needs to stick with his old set which earned him a boat load of cash, or, he needs to customise the new AP2’s better.

4. He’s pursuing another career

Jordan Spieth is a smart guy and has a odd resemblance to Bobby Jones, the great amateur who spent most of his career practicing law and immersing himself in academia. Has Spieth realized that there is more to life than golf?

5. This is just a bad nightmare

Quite possible. After missing his second straight cut, Spieth even acknowledged to the press that “it feels like a bad dream. I just need to wake up and get the putts to go again.”