Find out why Danny Lee can apparently die happy now

Sharon Wong
Source: Phil Walters/Getty Images
Source: Phil Walters/Getty Images

What a thing to say for someone so young. We suppose we ought to congratulate Danny Lee for having lived a full life at a quarter of a century. 25-year old Danny Lee┬áhas played well enough to qualify for the President’s Cup and return to his birthplace of South Korea. He’s qualified 10th in the International Team’s point standings after the Deutsche Bank Championship and has thus automatically earned a place on the Australasian team. For someone who started 84th in the International Team standings at the beginning of the PGA Tour, he’s doing none too shabbily.

“Now I can die in peace. I am very excited. Making the team has been my goal for this year; it was my biggest goal this year.”

Kudos, Danny. But really, don’t die before the President’s Cup.