The time Donald Trump almost spent a million on a game of golf in China

Sharon Wong
Source: Russia Insider
Source: Russia Insider

Not like he couldn’t afford it, obviously. But maybe a million is pushing it even for Donald Trump. Apparently when he was at a super elite golf course in China, his wealthy businessmen playmates wanted to bet $100,000 a hole. Surprisingly, he wasn’t about to do this even though he claims that it wasn’t because any of them were particularly good players. So is it because he’s, gasp, not particularly good himself? Of course, Trump never quite admitted this out loud.

“And I was saying to myself, wouldn’t I feel stupid wiring back home for money telling my financial officers, ‘Hey, I just lost a million dollars playing golf,’ and I’d never seen these guys play. So it was one of the few times where I said, I’ll pass. I always tell my people, watch your pennies because it’s important.”

Guess we’ve learned something knew today, folks. Donald TrumpĀ isĀ capable of embarrassment after all.